Frozen Coconana Snack

I have been so addicted with the banana and coconut combination lately so I decided to name it my coconana combination:). Like my previous post here, here and here this is also a healthy snack made out of bananas as the superstar and topped off with juicy ang slightly tangy blueberries. Super easy to make and the ingredients are not at all foreign. This could be served as your breakfast instead of your typical smoothie. 
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Love from a cup of hot cocoa

It is that one special day where red becomes more than just a color, heart seems to be the only geometrical shape created by man and of course the only day that every flower vendors' sales sky rockets. I am willing to bet that Valentine's day is also the only day that every single human being are sychronized in eating chocolates. Well maybe all but me.
Valentine's day is such a prominent event that screams chocolate! I mean no other day could ever spell CHOCOLATE better than the day of hearts(not literally of course).
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Chia Seed dessert for 1



I initially didn’t know what to do when my aunt gave us some chia seeds. It was unknown. Nobody in my household has even heard of chia seeds let alone seen one.


“It was healthy and good for you” that was all the advice given.


None of us touched the package for a few days until I decided to finally give it a try. I did some research and found out that it needs to be soaked in water so I did just that. Imagine my surprise as the small pebbles absorbed the water and surprisingly transformed into a jelly pudding. The texture was like a slippery jelly but has a little crunch in the center definitely unlike any other.


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