Must-Try Scallop Dishes

Scallops are the best as well as valuable seafoods which are famous for their deliciousness. Strangely they are the most convenient seafood items in cooking. Here, we are presenting some mouthwatering and versatile Scallop recipes for creating precious seafood.


The best way of enjoying seafood on outdoors is through kebabs. The idea is pretty simple, you just have to cut the vegetables and meats in equal size. You can add some other varieties of seafood like prawns in the skewers. This will give a blend of flavour of different meats. After cooking it evenly, you can serve it with fresh fruit salad.


This is a quick recipe, which will be amazing when served at night as dinner. Scallops are the main component of the taco’s filling. You can use avocado and scorched corn as flavouring items. The whole item is grilled before serving providing a perfect crunchiness.


This dish belongs to Phillipines. Adobo sauce is the main ingredient for this dish which equalizes the aroma of scallop. A variety of sauce including soy sauce, vinegar and garlic is used to prepare the marinade. You can add avocado for dressing the dish.


This is a classical Chinese version of Scallops. The soup is prepared using vegetables including bell pepper, tomato, corn, bean and celery. It is advisable to use fresh scallops which will produce delightful aroma.


baked scallops

This trendy dish is quite easy to prepare with some breadcrumbs. You just need some fresh Scallops which can be prepared within 20 minutes. Roasted green vegetables will accompany these baked Scallops in an amazing way. You can use seasonings to have a delicious aroma inside the food.


This dish can really make your dining experience memorable. All you need is some chopped hazelnuts and panko for coating the Scallops. The crunchiness in the coating will be flavouring with some best sauces.

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